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Fancy a career in journalism?

Famous for its tireless investigation of the truth in the international newspaper 'The MidGaardian', The Gaardian Publishing group is looking for talented writers, reporters, and investigators to work in its new office headquarters in downtown Midgaard. Get the chance to visit exotic locations*, meet new and interesting people, and then return to tell the world about it. Or, if you have an ear for current events, join our editorial team and keep the populace up to date on what's happening closer to home.

If you feel you have what it takes, are at least level 100, and have a good grasp of written english, visit our website listed in Claninfo Gaardian today, to see what vacancies are available!

*Travel expenses will not be paid by the company. Company travel insurance does not cover thefts, fires, accidental or deliberate death or dismemberment, or the consumption of your soul by the dark and chaotic forces that lurk on the borders of what we laughingly call 'reality'.